Follow Bentley's journey from Ohio to Boston Children's Hospital's Cleft and Craniofacial Center for a one-of-a-kind operation. For more information on encephaloceles or to request a second opinion for your child: 866-950-6682

Part One: Meet Bentley

When Sierra Yoder went for a prenatal ultrasound, she found out more than her son’s gender. Bentley had an encephalocele — much of his brain was outside his skull — and wasn't expected to live. But Bentley came out kicking, so the Yoders sought a second opinion at the Cleveland Clinic. Doctors there referred him to Boston Children's Hospital.

Part Two: Rehearsing a tricky operation

Drs. Mark Proctor (Neurosurgery) and John Meara (Craniofacial Center) had removed encephaloceles before. But Bentley’s displaced brain tissue couldn’t be cut off — it was alive and working. Instead, it had to be eased back into his skull. The Simulator Program stepped up with 3D-printed models, allowing the surgeons to practice their maneuvers.

Part Three: Inside the operating room

Explore the Boston Children’s OR in virtual reality and follow the large team of surgeons, anesthesiologists, nurses and intensive care specialists who worked together to make Bentley’s seven-hour operation a success.

Part Four: Bentley returns home

Two weeks after surgery, Bentley has his final pre-discharge visit. He's ready to go home with the support of his care team, surrounded by loving parents, grandparents, great-grandmother and big brother Beau. He's finding out what he can do without the large encephalocele weighing him down, and his doctors believe he will lead a healthy life.

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