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CMCC 2924

AudioHub: Mobile software for better management and analysis of hearing assessment data in the clinic

Inventors: Howard Shane, Joseph Resendes, Derek Stiles

Invention Types: Information Technology/Software

Research Areas: Otolaryngology/Audiology

Keywords: Pediatric

For More Information Contact:  Yen, Alan


Invention Description:

Approximately 36 million Americans have hearing deficits, including 15 percent of children ages 6 to 19 as well as an ever growing number of elderly people. While job openings in audiology are expected to increase by over 30% in the next few years, the American Academy of Audiology predicts a shortfall in the number of specialists to fill those roles, driving the need for increased efficiency in audiology practices and data management.

Researchers and clinicians at Boston Children’s have a created comprehensive clinical audiology software application that manages every aspect of an in-depth audiological assessment, providing a fast, portable and highly accurate data management system that reduces lengthy data entry and streamlines workflow. AudioHub runs on the iPad platform and integrates with hospital IT and EHR infrastructure. Using AudioHub, audiologists have a standardized system to record and present a patient’s hearing assessment data, allowing audiologists to quickly analyze and understand testing results. AudioHub also connects with hospitals’ EHR systems and allows clinicians to rapidly retrieve and visually display patient data. AudioHub is continuing to be developed as a tool that would allow clinicians and researchers to easily monitor changes in a patient’s hearing over time, for example due to medication or age, in order to study the efficacy of audiological therapies. AudioHub was adopted by Boston Children’s as standard audiology practice in December 2014, and has been used to record hearing data for over 20,000 patients.


An iPad app for audiological assessment in the clinic capable of:
o Recording assessment data
o Analyzing test results
o Storing images of test results
o Syncing to electronic medical record systems
o Retrieving and displaying a patient’s record

Documentation and data analysis of comprehensive hearing tests including:
o Pure Tone and Speech Audiometry
o Tympanometry and Acoustic Reflexes
o Auditory Brainstem Response Test
o Hearing aid and cochlear implant assessments

Competitive Advantages:

• Portable and easy to use during an exam
• Not tied to a specific brand of audiometer
• Compatible with most EHR systems
• Saves time: With only pen and paper, an audiologist spends nearly 40 minutes documenting and graphing each patient’s results, and mistakes require starting over from scratch. AudioHub saves time by eliminating lengthy data entry.
• Well tested: Has gone through 33 rounds of enhancements and adjustments based on user feedback and has been successfully used in BCH’s audiology clinic for nearly two years.

Business Opportunity:

• License and development opportunities available

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